Athletic Clearance Tips

Athletic Clearance Tips:

  1. Athletic Clearance is granted on a yearly basis. You must resubmit an athletic packet every year.
  2. Incomplete packets will not be accepted or “held” until complete.
  3. Physicals must be on provided district form. Please make sure they are signed, dated, and stamped with doctor office stamp.
  4. The online portion is separate from the physical packet that is submitted online via email to Dr. Ducat (
  5. The packet must include these 5 things in order to be accepted.
    1. Confirmation page. Signed and dated by parent AND student (one PER SPORT each student would like to be cleared for).
    2. Physical form signed, dated and stamped from the doctors office. Physical no later than 06/01/2020.
    3. Medical Eligibility form, also signed, dated, and stamped from doctor.
    4. Copy of the students insurance card. Insurance card must have students name on it.
    5. Transportation form properly signed and dated.
      1. please note that the only line that may NOT be signed on the transportation form is the one titled “student as driver” if your student does not drive yet. ALL other lines MUST be signed in order to get cleared.
  6. Clearance could take up to 3 business days so please do not wait until the last minute.